Friday, March 13, 2015

Fabulous Freebie Friday Finds

Heya doll faces!  How is that title for a tongue twister? *giggles*
I went around today and found some amazing deals and decided I looked just to fab to sit home.  Off I went to do some more sim exploring and you know it's hard for a fashion doll to explore in peace.  The paparazzi are always around trying to catch a girl not looking her best.  I'm so glad I did my shopping before hand and my style was on point baby!  Make sure you take a look at all the deets below so you can be in rockin style too for those random paparazzi moments!
Keep shoppin my sexies!

{TC} Toxic Candy -  Dress Cyrielle (group gift) *Free*
{TC} Toxic Candy - Coat With Mittens (group gift) *Free*
[ae] kensi - brown sugar (Skin Fair)
oOo poses - hana

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