Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn is here!!!

Hello my little dollies!!! Sorry I have been gone so long, but I am back… and I am back with new super cute clothes. Autumn is here so we know what that means… leaves changing colors, cold weather, and all new clothes!! Now I have deviated from my typical fluffy dolly dresses with these outfits, but they are still super cute and perfect for autumn!!

These long skirts and warm tops are the perfect way to stay warm and stylish, and the colors blend perfectly with the changing leaves and warm colors that come with autumn.

Shirt: LUAS – Basic Modesty (Red)
Skirt and Gloves: LUAS – Rashida (Brown)
Hair: *Calico* - Mantha

Entire outfit: LUAS – Rebeca
Hair: *Calico* - Mantha

Entire Outfit: LUAS – Aliane (Beige)
Hair: *Calico* - Mantha

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trip Detour

It's been a slow lazy Sunday and I thought about taking a trip today.  Before I could travel though of course looking just right was the first step.  I decided to take a lil peek at a few stores I had heard about but had never been to and I found some dahling things that I just could not pass up.  I walked into the doors of Swallow and fell in love!  She has skins and accessories and so much more.  All I could say was I want ALL THE THINGS!

After I had my fill of yumminess and emitted many girlie squeals I finally left Swallow and headed to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room where I found this adorable dress.  Shopping complete I went home and searched through my closets and drawers for accessories to match my finds, got my hair did and finally I'm ready for my trip! Naaaah...on second thought maybe I'll just rest here on this bed and take a lil nap.  Plenty of time for travel tomorrow.

Hair:  Faenzo - Uffie Hair // LIBR Dark Brown

Glasses:  Swallow: Lion Shades Classic Colors_wear

Skin:  {Meghindo's} ~ Trina ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~

Necklace & Bracelet:  :Amorous: Splendor Solis

Earrings:  MG - Earrings - Tokyo Tears - Black

Purse:  [Gang/Cold] Momoka Clutch "Cute Seduction" Black

Dress:  .:SS:. Nude Mesh Romper Mini (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)


Vespertine- attic table set mix
Virtual props & poses - suitcases
[*Art Dummy!] - Slumber. (bed-wood cheveron) 

Until laters my awesome dolls!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shopping Therapy

Hello sweet dollies! I don’t know about all of you, but when I get the case of the pouts, nothing takes them away quite like an impromptu shopping trip! ^_^ Today I was suffering from just such a case so I decided to visit one of my favorite stores, Violent Seduction. I hadn't been there in a while and was curious to see if they had anything new out… THEY DID!! Several things in fact, but one dress I could absolutely not resist buying. It’s called Roseraie and it is a super cute dolly dress with that classic nod to vintage style that keeps me shopping at Violent Seductions.

Oh! I almost forgot… I also picked up that cute little fella in my arms at Violent Seductions before I left. Here’s a closer look ^_^

 Items Featured:
Hair: Ploom - Dawn
Dress: Violent Seductions - Roseraie
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Paris Peeptoe (Black Patent)
Necklace: *League* - Vintage Jewelry Set
Cute Little Fella: Violent Seduction - Calamity (Lollipop)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bottle Top Buttons?? Yes Please!!

Hello dollfaces! I found this dress a couple of days ago and I would be remiss not to share it with the world. I went on a shopping outing with my family at **DECO where I not only found this adorable dress, but also this super cute hat! I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it because it is dolly and Mesh with a nod to vintage style that goes perfectly with the 20s style hat I bought…

But when I saw the bottle top buttons going down the back of the dress, I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore! I immediately decided this dress was blog worthy ^_^

Featured Items:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Mimi
Dress: **DECO - MESH Soda Pop Dress (bluejay)
Hat: **DECO – Bell Hat (Cream)
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Paris Peeptoe (Black Patent)
Necklace: EarthStones – Knotte Elegance III (Classic White Pearl)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm a Dolly Blogger Now!! :D

Hello little dollies! ^_^ This is my first ever blog post, so I am going to start with a bit of an introduction mingled with details about this super cute dress I am wearing.  The first thing you should know about me is that I am a Dolly… of course you may have already guessed this (points to blog title)… and what is the best thing about dolls? Dressing them up of course!! :D So it is only reasonable that this little dolly adores shopping and finding super cute things to twirl around in ^_^. My personal style ranges from Victorian steampunk to Rockabilly and all vintage things in between!

The dress I chose for my first ever post is one of my favorite dresses from one of my favorite stores. This dress is called Princess Ero by Violent Seductions. As pictured here, it comes with three different dress options as well as cute little bloomers to go underneath.   The first skirt option is the cage skirt…

Next you have the full short skirt…

And the last option is the full long skirt…

I mostly choose the second skirt option, it is the perfect thing to wear when you are feeling especially dolly and prettyful ^_^

Items featured:
Skin: [Plastik] – Ataciara – Chorus (Bare)
Eyes:  [Plastik] – VaeColl (Starlight)
Hair: Ploom – Dawn
Dolly Key: [Ai] Antique Doll Key
Necklace: *League* - Vintage Jewelry Set
Dress: Violent Seduction – Princess Ero
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Debauchery (Death)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lost and Found

Hugs to all the sexy dolls out there!  Boy have I been in a brain fog today!  Have you ever had one of those days where you put something in a place you are absolutely positive is an awesome place and then  when you go to look for it for the life of you can't remember where that was?  Yeah....sighs.  So anyway I just gave up looking and decided to go shopping and find some stuffs that I know will always be right where I left them!  So yay for found things!

Today was all about comfort with a dash of style and a touch of diva thrown in.  Adorable crop top from MODA to show off that toned belly I worked so hard for (took me hours to mod this shape you know? lol) Cute pants jeans from MUCHI and some diva pops thrown in by Mandala and Redgrave.  Top it all off with the cutest accessory ever my adorable puppy Fluffy from TuTy's and I'm all set for a relaxing day with the hubby and modeling all my superfantastic "finds" so he can ooh and ahh!

Stuff about the things:

Bag:  TuTys - Mesh Pet Carrier - Chiwawa (omlawd its free!)

Hair:  OBLIVION by Herve Faenzo, Browns

Skin:  *Glance Skins - Nyasha - Bean 


Pants:  MUSCHI Boyfriend Jeans - Basic Blue

Shoes:  ! Shoes HELENA - 12colors / REDGRAVE 

Bracelet:  [MANDALA] TAKARA BANGLE/Animal fur set

Head out girls and find some good stuffs!  
Keep shoppin ~ Kaileebaby

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Primal Instinct

How's it going dolls?  I hope everyone is having a happy hump day filled with...uh...happy humpies!  My new friend and amazing designer Dalriada Delwood  of FireBird Designs has a super dahling and fantabulous LBD (little black dress) for sale at The Black Market and I just had to let you in on the secret before its gone!  Oh and I can't forget the next best thing.  Besides it being adorable, its also only 100L!

Now I have to say I'm sure that when she made this dress what you see in my interpretation in this picture is probably not what she had in mind!   I was feeling a little back to nature today *giggles*  I'm blurring the lines of fashion.  Call it forest chic! This adorable cloak from May's Soul was the perfect thing !  It makes me feel all RAWWWWR!     What can I say?  I'm an animal.  Baby it's in my nature....

The goodie spots:
(not to be confused with naughty spots)

Hair:  !lamb. Zelda (Mesh) - Carrot Cakes Pack (collabor88)

Skin:  Essences - Whisper *Brown Sugar*

Cloak:  *May's Soul* My deer cloak

Dress:  FBD Wild in black (The Black Market)

This is what happens when you blog on only 3 hours sleep!  Hope you enjoy and as always keep shopping Dolls!  ~ kaileebaby

P.S.  Let the earworm begin *points down below*

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I feel good!

Today its not about any special event going on.  Its just me feeling happy and pretty!  I woke up this morning in a contemplative mood and counting my blessings and I wanted how I was dressed to reflect that.  I  put on one of my favorite new dresses, the beautiful necklace that the hubby gave me for my rezz day, grabbed a cute straw bag and headed off too one of my favorite spots to just chill and relax.  Have a great week and buy something pretty!  You deserve it!

Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai - Aurora - Short Necklace - TBM Exclusive
Bracelets:  Tee*fy - Colour Blocking Minimalism  Bangles
Dress:  D-Style - Kady Maxi Dress 01 (NEW!)  Comes in 8 different colors!

Keep shopping dolls! Kaileebaby

Friday, August 16, 2013

Azul Amazingness(is that even a word? lol)

Hello, darlings! I'm back, bringing you more exciting news about great deals going on in the shopping world!

Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows how fond I am of formal wear. I DJ a weekly formal event at a private club just for the chance to show off my dresses(seriously, I think I have over 200 gowns, and that's just a rough estimate, most likely more than that), and my absolute favorite store for my formal wants and desires is called Azul! Every woman in SL should own at least one of Mami Jewell's stunning creations, I think. She is one of the leading designers for Miss Virtual World, and her pieces are definitely eye catching, both on the runway and off.
Pow! Definitely show-stopping!

Now, the reason behind my Azul gushing is simple: It's sale time!!! Mami is doing a complete re-design of her store, and so she is celebrating by having a summer sale! From August 2nd until the 30th, there is a specific group of dress colors put on sale for 50% off the selling price(this also includes her wedding gowns and Miss Virtual World designs too). How exciting!! Do love! So if you're looking for something to make a statement at your next formal event, feel free to stop on by this store and get your shop on!

Sale details:
Round 1: August 2-9: Blue, Green, Jade
Round 2: August 9-16: Red, Orange, Yello, Catseye, Brown, Gold, Topaz, Amber
Round 3: August 16-23: Coral, Nude, Beige, Sand, Pink, Ruby, Sakura, Purple, Sugilite(going on right now!)
Round 4: August 23-30: White, Black, Noir, Silver, Champagne(perfect time to grab a wedding gown!)

Happy shopping, ladies!

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: >Truth< Portia - Blood(roots version)
Jewelry: [~Lazuri~] - Delia Complete Set(past group gift, available in store)
Dress: -Azul- "Linda" in Sapphire(Dress is no longer available)
Shoes: [Gos] Lauren d'Orsay in Silver(available at FaMESHed)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gos(and SO much more!!) @ Love Donna Flora!

Everyone who knows me, knows how much of a sucker I amm for charitable causes, in RL and in SL as well. I happily donate what I can every month to the local ASPCA, I used to donate generously to Feed the Children and the Autism Society of America(in honor of my RL younger brother) and I try to walk in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, every year. In SL I donate to Locks of Love/Wigs For Kids(by shopping at the Hair Fair and donating in kiosks as well) and to RFL. I am not adverse to shopping for a cause, because it means that I get to fill my inventory with exclusive things, and I get a good feeling because my lindens are going to help someone who needs it way more than I do. That's where the Love Donna Flora event comes in. The creative genius behind the showstopping jewelry and clothing is suffering from breast cancer, and she has to finance any alternative therapies she tries, and she is responsible for almost all of the costs of her home nursing care. So naturally, my bleeding heart is screaming that I MUST be here and must spend spend spend. I've seen the devastation that breast cancer causes firsthand(my RL mom is a 8 year survivor and one of my friends' moms is in her 3rd year of remission), and as a part of my RL nursing training, I spent some time on the cancer ward in the hospital. It's hard to witness, and I can only imagine what the people who go through it feel. 
Anyway, I can feel myself tearing up a little as I write this, so it's time to move on to happy things. Like...the exclusive color of the Lorend'Orsay(aptly and cutely named Flora) released by Gos Boutique!! I was determined to get to this event as soon as possible, and as soon as I got a notice that the sim was open, I went over. I had a little bit of technical difficulties(meaning I wore my entire jewelry folder there, instead of taking off my jewelry to save on scripts...derpy me), but I perservered and fought the lag to get to the Gos kiosk, and I wasn't disappointed...

Yay, shoes!!!

I didn't really look around the sim because I only wanted to go for these shoes tonight(I ended up picking up three couples poses and the LivGlam demos though, go figure), but let me tell you...there are a TON of kiosks, and from what I many cute things!!

With the cups shown

Without the cups shown

This event runs from July 25th until August 11th, and once this event is over, I don't think you'll be seeing these shoes in this pattern what are you waiting for?? Go there! Just be prepared to fight the lag. In that case, do what I was taught to do by my fabulous daddeh: De-render all those people who are hoggin up your precious bandwidth, and stroll on through like a boss!! :P

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Truth - Tymber(blood)
Jewelry: Donna Flora - Pasqualina set
Dress: coldLogic Carey in Cream
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Lauren d'Orsay - Flora Availablee at the Love Donna Flora event, take this link!

Happy shopping!! And's for a wonderful cause, this could help this wonder, creative woman and could save her life...quite literally.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Under a Glorious Purple Moon...

First off...introductions are in order! I am Caiti, and I'll be joining Kai in our blogging journey of awesomeness, bringing you ALL of da cute and must-havies!! *giggles* We're a dynamic duo of dolly fabulousity, and we just want to bring some sunshine, happiness and sexy to the grid, our way!

Now, on with the show!

I give you, for my first post...glamour and sleek sex appeal, brought to you by PurpleMoon Creations! I am such a big fan of Poulet's stuff, especially her gowns. She is such an amazingly talented designer, and when I want to style myself in vintage wear, or wear something that is sure to steal the show, I know that I can count on her gorgeous creations to give me exactly what I want. Add some eyecatching jewelry by Earthstones, and killer heels from N-core(that are hidden but you must know that they are there), and I call that a perfect outfit. Landmarks are below, enjoy!!

Hair: >Truth< January - Blood
Jewelry: Earthstones Vintage Romance Earrings&Necklace - Vamp
Gown: ::PM:: PurpleMoon Creations Chok Gown in Black
Shoes: N-core Omega "Black"

Happy shopping!!! ^_^