Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday musings

Happy Saturday my little peppermint patties
  I hope you all survived the week without to many bruises and that you are able to have some downtime this weekend.  This doll has to work today but I took some time to stop at the local newsstand and grab a few magazines before heading in.  I can't hang out and chit chat much as there is so much to do but I wanted to show you my cute new dress and shoes that I thought were just perfect for work today.  Aren't they both just dahling?  Anyway...I better get back to work.  Have a great day dolls and be sure and get in some shopping this week end.  All work and no shopping makes you guys very dull dolls!  We can't have that can we?  Now shoo!
Squishes and dollie wishes,

(single/short)  [MANDALA]Pearl  Rain season2 necklace/cream

(There are 2 versions in pack.  1 regular and 1 super high platform!)


G&T Creations  Pearl ear stud 

Lunasea Fashion *) GingHam Retro Dress M Red/BlueTeal
( Coming Soon to Erotigacha Event @ Retroville)

POMPOSITY - Pearl Flower Ring 

Vanity Hair:Route 66

Poses: Label Motion (Marketplace)

Location:  FIN *Relive The Fifties* Mainstore

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