Friday, February 20, 2015

Don't believe me? Just watch...

It's Friday dolls! What's shakin?  My booty has been shaking as I've been wiggling around and dancing all over my room listening to music this morning!  You might want to scroll down a bit and hit play  then come back up here and listen to the music as you read my rambles and prepare to shop.  I'll wait....
Got it?  Ok good.  Welcome back!  I felt a little like that commercial just now "Look at me, now look at the video, now back to me..." lol I was doing some sim hopping and found this beautiful sim and it made me remember that spring is just around the corner and then the next thing you know summer!  It's time to get in some exercise and get my figure in shape for bikini weather.  I decided to take a walk but then I thought, "In these shoes?  No way."  So instead I ended up sitting at a darling cafe and drinking a coke and people watching.  I may not have gotten in any exercise but at least I looked good and the coke was diet so that counts right?
Well enough of my rambling on today.  Take a peek at all the fabulosity below and then go shop 'till you drop.  I'm pretty sure that counts as exercise.

Until later my sweet little soon to be beach blanket babies!

*BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Cyan)
.LeLutka.Sheena hair (Group gift) *NEW*
[LeLutka]-DUCHESS hat
::D-Style - Laced Jeans w. HUD::
:: D-Style - Lil2impTop w.HUD ::

Lazuri Euridice -all in one- Bracelet (Purple Moon Cherries on Top Hunt)
Lazuri Euridice -all in one- Earrings (PM Cherries on Top Hunt)
Lazuri Euridice -all in one- Ring  (PM Cherries on Top Hunt)

ISON - scout boho bag -right hand- (emerald)
Location: Every Pixel Is Art Sim

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