Friday, February 6, 2015

Of love and kitties and things

Good morning my yummy bacon barms! (ok I may have been watching too much Brit television, don't judge me)  I hope you all had a great week and are ready to do some weekend shopping.  What am I saying?  You guys are always ready to shop.

So anyway I've just come down with a doozy of a cold or flu or something but because I love you dolls so much I toughed it out and braved my way through the storm that is the opening of The Chapter Four and got a few goodies to share with you.  Feast your eyes on all the fun stuff...I mean there are KITTIES!  Who doesn't love kitties?

Enough of my rambling.  I'm off for afternoon tea you guys peruse and shop.  Make mama proud!
Keep shoppin dolls!

*LpD* - *Ellen* Sweater Lilac (Mesh - XS) (The Chapter Four)
+elua+ Hollis2_Blonde (TCF)
AZOURY - Mon petit sac (Purple) (TCF)
SUGAR Vintage Capri Pants 
Poses on all photos:  Le Poppycock - Cupid's Fault (TCF)

[Deadwool] Klaus shoes 
[Deadwool] Marlon T-shirt 
[Deadwool] Joad pants 

Location:  Black Kite SIM

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