Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blast from the past

Oh my lucky stars, dolls, the weekend is almost over already!
Where on earth does the time go.  It seems like there is never enough time to get all the things done that you plan.  I got up early today to get in some last minute shopping before having to head back home and take care of chores.  I tell ya, a woman's work is never done.  Oh! That reminds me I need to pick up more chocolate bonbons while I'm out....anyway you guys should take a peek below and then head out and get your own shopping done before the rush and traffic begins.
Enjoy your Sunday sweet faces and keep shoppin!
Love you dollies!

Blast from the past

Wiggle it just a little bit

Sim:  Hard Alley's Retroville - A 50's RP Sim

(single/short)  [MANDALA]Pearl  Rain season2 necklace/cream
[MANDALA] Takara Bangle Animal fur B 

..::KnocKeRs::..Page Wiggle Dress *NEW*

[ChicZafari] - Anna Shades Basic Black [Clear][Resizer]

[LOVE SOUL] Hair+Cap*A


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