Friday, April 10, 2015

Caiti's Pose Fair Preview #2 - Poseology

Hello, lovelies!!
Just poppin in real quick to share another pose that's going to be released at Pose Fair this Saturday! This one's by Poseology, and I had to grab my gayhusband to pose with me...I adore him so very much! Thank you, Zannadoo!! He's rockin the hover-hand so hardcore, and giving me some serious side-eye...he's the most shady person I've ever met, and I love him so much for it. 
Again, I won't be crediting anything but the pose for any of my Pose Fair posts, but if you have any questions about what I'm wearing or what Zann's wearing, drop me a message in the comments or inworld(Caitlin Mirabella)!

Caiti <3

Models: Zann Baxton & Caitlin Mirabella

Pose: Poseology My Friend *Pose Fair 2015 Exclusive*
*Blogger note: The stepladder is not a part of the pose...I'm a midget compared to most of my friends*

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