Monday, April 20, 2015

Just let it go, enjoy the ride

Hello my lil dollie cherries!
*skips through singing*  "Heaven, I'm in heaven..."
You wanna know why?  Okay, I'll tell ya why.  Because I was skipping along and happen to wander into this round of Genre and what did I find?    Kaileebaby's Event!  Well maybe it wasn't named that but it was surely meant for me because this round is...wait for it....ROCKABILLY!  EEEeeeeeEEEEE!  It was the squeal heard round the world.  I went around and grabbed up everything in sight!  The best part is everything is only 100L  Yes, you heard me right 100L.
So if you love Rockabilly (duh, who doesn't?) Then I would wiggle my way there if I were you.
You don't want to miss out...just sayin.
Lots of cherry red lipstick kissies,

 ::drbc:: bettie babydoll - cherry baby (Genre)
Earrings:  ^^Swallow^^ Revolver Earrings (The Dressing Room)
^^Swallow^^ Revolver Earring (TDR) 
 Glamistry : ERANTHIS Heels - maitreya
Lumae :: Adore : 3 - Rosy :: Cherry Pie (Genre)
tattoo: antielle. Moonlight Justice 
Poses:  Apple Spice - Handbag Poses

:::Sn@tch Paragon Ring:::
Cute Poison - DGB Dress Sailor  (Genre) 
Izzie's - *resize* Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet plum (Wayward Hunt)
Magika [Hair S] Never

Don't know rockabilly?  Meet the queen Ms. Emelda May!

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