Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I wanna go higher

Goood afternoon my little sugar cookies!  
You know I just realized I often call you guys by food nicknames.  Shopping must make me hungry or something.  Hmm. "Food" for thought. *giggles*
Anyway!  Like always I have been diligently hopping around the grid and searching high and low for deals and cuteness for you guys.  I know, I know....such hard work but I don't mind suffering for you all.  I'm so sweet that way.  What can I say?  Don't make all my work be in vain...take a look below at the stuff and go out and buy things.  Lots and lots of things!
Keep shoppin dolls

+Spellbound+ Kiki (Front) // Chapter I : Earth
:::Sn@tch Sunshine Bracelet (RT):::
AMITOMO.Roll Up Sleeves Tshirt #1  & tutu tulle skirt
REIGN.- Boho Beaded Sandals- RARE
[Glitzz] Common Blue Mermaid
Poses: IOS Amy Poses Gift (marketplace)

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