Thursday, April 9, 2015

Caiti's Pose Fair Preview #1

Hello my love-muffins!

Now, last month was Kai's favorite event ever, one of the events she looks forward to the most...this month is MY absolute favorite event(other than a shoe fair of course)...Pose Fair! I am happy to be sponsored by two stores who have some amazing releases coming out, Poseology and Something New! 
I will not be crediting anything that I am wearing in any of my Pose Fair previews(with the exception of the individual animation packs), as I want my posts to focus on the poses...but if you have a question about anything I or my models are wearing, feel free to drop a comment below, or shoot me an IM inworld(my legacy name is Caitlin Mirabella). 

Before I get to the pictures, let me give you the deets on this year's fair:
Pose Fair 2015 will be featuring 90+ stores, with hundreds of poses, animations and props to make your SL come to life!
Pose Fair 2015 will be opening Saturday, April 11th at 12pm SLT

So get excited, everyone!! And keep an eye on Dolly Fabulosity, both Kai and I will have much more in the way of goodies to share for this absolutely essential event :)

Caiti <3

Models: Caitlin Mirabella, Hope Diavolo(scarlettavaserenity) & Callum Diavolo

Pose: ...:Something New:... Candy Pockets  *Pose Fair 2015 Exclusive*

Models: Divinity Matova & Hope Diavolo(scarlettavaserenity)

Pose: ...:Something New:... Ella's Secret  *Pose Fair 2015 Exclusive*

Models(left to right): Allie Frenzy Pallis Baxton(kynthiareule), Geremy Pallis, Static Frenzy & Caitlin Mirabella

Pose: Poseology Express Yourself  *Pose Fair 2015 Exclusive*
*Blogger note: The books belong to me, Allie and I are wicked short compared to these giants*

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