Thursday, September 24, 2015

I just gotta dance right now

Good morning my little pumpkin spice lattes!

Guess what....Rumor has it that someone is having a birthday today.  Hmm...I wonder who?  Oh right, it's meeeee!  So as your resident dolly princess I declare today Fabulosity Day and you all must go out, buy all the cute stuffs and dress in something totally fabu!  Oh, and take lots and lots of pictures.  Let's give flickr  so much dazzling awesomeness that we blind those bad pandas for at least a week!
Don't forget to take a peek down below at the goodies.  I'm off in search of some cake!
Love ya, mean it

DRIFT City Coat 
Whippet & Buck -  Briet Tweed Skirt ( My Attic)
Bushu Millie Ginger (My Attic)
Cae :: Royal :: Ring (R) 
EarthStones Diamond Bangles - Platinum
Meva Pearls Collar Rose 2 (My Attic)
POMPOSITY - Pearl Flower Ring
TRUTH HAIR -  Emerson
Skin: DeeTaleZ - Dawn A brown Mixedtype 1
IKON Ardent Eyes - Machine 
Frozen - Coffee Cup Poses
Label Motion - Magazines

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