Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fix it up with freebies!

Happy hump day darling dolls!

Recently I had a rez day.  6 years in sl.  So hard to believe!  This led to me talking to a friend about all the changes we have seen over the years and how our poor avatars looked when we first started out.  Granted the new people coming in have way better starters but still need a lot of help.  Now it so much easier to fix an avatar up when you have low or no cash flow than it was back then and that's what this post is all about. 

So many of the top designers are offering amazing deals, great sales, freebies for those under 30 days and totes cute group gifts!  Today's look was put together almost completely FREE.  That's right almost everything  am wearing was free.  Now there is no excuse not to get a little update or better yet help someone out who is just starting and doesn't know where to begin.

1.  I am wearing a mesh body.  Not necessary, I just prefer the aesthetics of one.  I did however try both the head and the dress without the body and they still look great.

2. One thing I suggest you invest in for sure is at least Slink feet as the majority of shoes made these days are for them specifically.

3.  Remember everything worth having takes work and the same goes for finding the good stuff.  Read blogs, join groups, peruse flickr!

4.  Have fun and don't forget to support these amazing stores with your lindens when you do have the funds.  Always pay it forward!

Now go forth and shop and remember never look a gift horse in the mouth!  Erm...or something like that.


.:JUMO:. Shalom Mesh Head ( Group gift, FREE to join)
=Zenith=leather rope backpack (Group gift)
GAALL* September Dress (Group gift FREE to join)
Irrie's DollhouseChunky Bead Necklace *Cherry Pie* (Group gift, FREE to join)
little bones. Chorus (Group gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 (NOT free)
REIGN.- Betsy Peeps  (Group gift)
Poses: Imeka 

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