Tuesday, January 19, 2016

.A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Good morning my little gummi bears!
It's been a bit chilly outside lately especially in the evenings.  I'm sitting here bundled up in my blanket as I type this.  Me and cold do not get along.  At all.  Cold is the debil!
Thank goodness for super cute coats in sl.  I can be warm and snuggly and still be fab because that's how I roll!
Hoping for warmer weather for everyone.  Until then I am boycotting all sims that have snow on them.  Makes me cold just looking at it, lol
Stay warm snuggle bunnies!
*runs out chanting "No more snow! No more snow!' *

Mesh body: *!Absolut Creation*Adam boxed V1.1
Skin: >> Aeros Avatar Maxwell <<
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyewear - SCT Loaded
IKON Hope Eyes - Field
*BOND7* Ashton Suit Pants
{Fe Style} Atkinson Coat - White W/HUD
Doe: Cierra (Solid) @ Epiphany
R.icielli - HEDDA Dress Coat
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3  - Casual
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.2
_CandyDoll_ Maya Shoes - Slink Hourglass - RARE @ Epiphany
*Glance Skins - Anais
her: Tram
Him: GlamRus
Couple: Reel Poses
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Queen] RARE (old Arcade item)
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: King] RARE(old Arcade item)
Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light)
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Celtic Love Seat {A} @ Epiphany
!O the Aracade Carousel (Limited edition, not for sale)
CL: Dozen Red Roses
DRD elven table @ The Secret Affair
DRD elven chair @ The Secret Affair
Soy. UTD - Wall decoration tile sheet [white]

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