Friday, August 21, 2015


Good morning my little cheeky dolls
Take a moment and give yourself a big hug.  You made it through the week.  It's Friday!  Whoo hoo!
Ok so for the longest time now I have been determined not to get a mesh head.  I have all the other mesh parts but I loved my face and had worked hard to get it just the shape I wanted gosh darn it!

More and more people were coming out with them and there is such a variety that I finally decided to give them a try and was sorely disappointed.  Every time I tried one on they had me looking like I was mean mugging and giving some serious side eye.  We won't even talk about the Jay Leno chins. None of them were "me".  Then the other day a friend got one in a gacha and she didn't like it on herself so she gave it to me to try.  I put it on and it was like the heavens had opened up and the Hallelujah Chorus was singing.  So all you mesh heads, you won.  I have been drawn to the dark side and I will be wearing this head a lot I think.  If you don't have a mesh enabled viewer sorry 'bout it because if you see me I'll be the invisible floating name tag.
Completely enmeshed in mesh,

*!* Belly'EVE slim 
*!* EVE -Slim-V8.4
Top:  *!* Lizze-4 -B-Slim- for Belly'EVE
Pants:  *!* Paola-7 -Slim- for Belly'EVE
**!* Adaptive Feet EVE Slim
Ears:  [MANDALA]Steking ears Season5
Head:  Genesis Lab_- Emily_2.0_Emotions HUD RARE (Kustom9)
SugarBabeZ~Facial Chain~Serpant
[MODA] Luce Del Sole Jewelry Set Bracelet
[MODA] Reagan Punk MaryJanes

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