Monday, December 21, 2015

.she got a booty like a cadillac.

Hello my little doves!
Hope you all are having a great start to your week.
I started to title this "The blog that almost wasn't" because..well reasons.  i.e.  I was lazy and it took me almost the entire day just to do the pictures.
I persevered however and got it done.  I can sometimes be a determined little thing when I want to.
Soooo,,,anyway, hope you  enjoy and find something cute for yourself.
Happy Solstice!

((ae)) josie - toffee
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.2 
!Soul - Christmas Hair 12 Colors - Reindeer *3 (FREE w/group)
[MODA] Bombshell High Waisted Shorts & HUD
..::KnocKeRs::..Soul Rocker [Jacket & Top][1] @ Erotigacha event
[MODA] Meghan Winter Boots & HUD
[meisu] Pentha Glasses
Le Poppycock *La Paix* Calm

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