Friday, October 2, 2015

Earned it

Hello my naughty dollies.  This ones for you.
I firmly believe that inside of some of us is that naughty side.  Of course some show it more than others.  Occasionally it just spills out like a glass of whine knocked over in the heat of the moment.
Ladies and gentlemen, ROMP is back.  Step into the dark side...if you dare.  *winks and gives you an impish smile*  Go ahead.  You earned it.
Your naughty lil pixie doll,

*be sure to peek at flickr for larger clearer versions of photos*


little bones. Puck (S)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
 Lara Mesh Panties
Bijou Couture - Lick Me Crop top for Maitreya applier


Bed: Stockholm&Lima @ ROMP - Industrial Bed (M/f) NEW
Jian @ ROMP -  Saxton Dining Set (XXX Animated) NEW
Jian :: Saxton Dining Setting (Messy) *on floor*
*ionic* intento inflexible - papers on floor
*ionic* las horas
*ionic* For no one lamp
*ionic* old times frames
7 - Crate Cart
7 - Philby Radio 
junk. recycled road sign table. trespass.
junk. milo cabinet. dotty.


Something Erotic ~ Ayla's Love Bottled *standing* NEW

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