Monday, July 27, 2015

Zombie girl

What's shakin' bacon bits?
As if I am not crazy enough and spinning in circles I decided to take a step and try something else new.  The last few weeks I have been a walking zombie in search of brains. Never fear I don't bite hard, just nibble a little.   Think I finally ate enough to get to work on a few things.  That's right folks your little dolly friend is trying her hand at making clothes!  I hope you guys like and OMG!  Talk about girlie squeals can you stand this cute hair from Knockers?  I know right...totally adorbs!
Take a peek down at all this newness for my retro/rockabilly dolls.
Hope you all had a great start to your week
Love you, mean it!

..::KnocKeRs::..Dollie Doxie Hair w/ detachable hairband
..::KnocKeRs::..Speakeasy Toe Peepers[Heels]
Addams // Cat Glasses // Position 2
Cute Poison - Nautical Necklace - White
FBD Spring bracelet Prism silver R Rare
KAI - Willow Retro Dress 
^^Swallow^^ Revolver Earring 
Lumae :: Adore : 3 - Rosy :: Cherry Pie {Freck/GingBrow}

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