Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shoe Royalty!

Hello, darling dollies! I'm surprised, it's a three-for-three kind of week for me...I can't remember if I've ever done three blog posts in a row before, but I like the momentum I've been having, and I hope I can keep it up. Life's lookin good for me recently, and other than me being sick in RL(booo!), it's all sunshine and daisies here! I've also noticed that it's been a week of collaborations for me, so I decided to add on one more!

I've wanted to do a collaboration with this next girl for a LONG time...since even before I started blogging. Belladonna Wexhome is one of the reasons that I follow high fashion in SL, and her blog is the very first blog that I ever started following. She also gets the title of "first person Caiti's ever stalked" too! She and I have been friends for a very long time over our Facebook feeds, and have been friends inworld for a few years now, but we didn't meet eachother inworld until about...six or eight months ago, lol. Even though we didn't meet inworld until relatively recently, she has always been someone who I could count on to make me laugh or give me advice. She's also proven two things to me, over and over: That not all models in SL are stuck-up and mean, and that she is a true friend to those who matter to her. I can't even begin to tell her(or anyone else) just how many times she has picked me up and helped put me back together when I've fallen apart  recently...she's a great person, and I am lucky to have her in my life.
Now, enough with the emotional blahblah, time to talk about the goodies!!

On both of our feet are the newest release from :Reign:, available only at The Big Show! These shoes are pure royalty, which makes the name of the shoe quite perfect. These babies are called the Monarch, and are available for 500L each, or you can pick up the fatpack for 2k! Something important for you to remember: These shoes are for the Slink High Feet, you MUST have them for these to look right on your body. Reign does not provide the feet inside the shoe, you have to purchase them yourself. 

Drool-worthy, oh my god...*wipes my chin*

On my body is a very cute dress, from an awesome store called AlterEgo. This dress is called Honey, and it is available in 18 different colors, on a HUD :D
I've got to admit...I am a member of Toxxic's inworld group, and I am a HUGE fan of her blogging...but there are some things that she designs that, while I love the way that they look in her ads, or on other people...they're just not right for me. Her stuff is TRULY a hit-or-miss kind of thing with me...BUT. I will  never ever leave her group, or think that she is anything but a great designer, because she's been in the designing game for four years now...she was one of the first designers to make clothing for mesh breasts, for mesh asses...she thinks about her customers, and she has always been nice and polite to those who are polite to her. This dress, though...I knew when I saw her ad that I was going to have it, because it's just...slinky, cut down to woah in the front and back, and it just makes me feel sexy when I'm in it.

Bella in her "short shape", and me *stands on my tiptoes*

That's all from me for today, loves!! Time to go trip this glamazon next to me and make some tea for my poor throat! 
Oh, before I forget: You should totally go check out Bella's blog, when she gets to update it, it's always full of good stuff, and a good read before the credits. Go find it here!!

<3 Caiti

What We're Wearing!
On Bella(left)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Jacqueline in Night Shadow
Eyeshadow: Glamorize - Drama Black and Red
Lipstick: Blackliquid - Blood Matte
Piercing: A:S:S: Deluxe - Monroe Piercing w/Color Change HUD
Jewelry: [Mandala] - Kabuki Necklace and Bracelet(Sold separately)
Dress: Dirty Princess - Daddy's Sexy Bitch Princess 2(Tangos Appliers Included)
Shoes: *REIGN. Monarch Heels(for SLink High Feet ONLY) - Red @The Big Show

On Caiti(right)
Hair: Magika [02] Volume
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Anael Angel Heart - Long
Ring: MG - La Cerlique(small, right hand)
Ring: MG- Kinbaku Heart - Large - Silver
Dress: AlterEgo - Honey Dress - Dark pack
Shoes: *REIGN. Monarch Heels(for SLink High Feet ONLY) - Pink

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