Tuesday, April 22, 2014


If someone were to ask me what my addiction is in SL, the obvious answer would be shoes.
But my other addiction, and of any well-dressed girl on the grid, is great designs from even greater designers, who think of the "real looking" girls of SL. Yes, that's the joy of SL...you can look however you want. I wander the grid with a dolly key in my back, and have for nearly four years now...and the fact that I can do that and nobody really even takes a second look, is what makes SL so excellent. But I love mesh clothing that shows off my shape as close to my regular numbers as possible, with minimal editing to squeeze myself into the clothes...and Moda Designs is always there for me in that regard.
Eon's computer took a shit a few days ago, and when she came back, she decided to surprise her customers with a brand new line of clothing, called the Addiction line. Aptly named, of course...the first four pieces of clothing she released for her line has shown that her computer taking a nosedive didn't keep her design game down, and the shoes...unf. Two shoe releases in a day, along with clothes? Woo, this girl is pleased...

The pants...yeah. Leather pants, ladies!! These pants come in 24 different color options, all on one convenient HUD(as always from Moda), and the colors are super. Shaded just right, with the creases helping them look worn...and the lighter colors rock! I'm not one for white pants most of the time, because I haven't found a designer yet who can texture them correctly...but Eon did a fantastic job with these!! Even the gold color is gorgeous! I never ever wear gold clothes, but I sure will be wearing the gold option with these :D They come in the 5 standard mesh sizes, plus two custom sizes exclusive to Moda, for those of us who the Lindens have blessed with more generous curves! <3

Up next...this lady has been sitting on these goddamn  shoes for a month at LEAST, and I bet she thought I would forget about them, but nooo...I've been patiently waiting for the release of these beauties, and I am so happy with the end result!!!

The Corset Pin-Up pumps! These are just so incredible, so gorgeous, and textured quite beautifully. All individual colors come with 12 lace options, 2 metal options, 3 inner sole options, and 3 bottom sole options. The fatpack comes completely hudded with 24 body colors, 24 different heel colors, 12 lace options, 2 metal options, 3 inner sole/bottom sole options, and more!! Just to give you an idea of what you get with the fatpack(which is all I buy when it comes to shoes), take a look at this:

So shiny!!! So many color choices, so many color combinations, it's insanity!! In a good way :D
**These shoes are for the SLink High Feet ONLY. You must own the feet, Moda does not provide the foot inside the shoe**

So there you have it...a leetle taste of my addictions...with much more to come later in the day, after I go pass out for a while and sleep. Happy shopping, dollies!!

<3 Caiti

What I'm Wearing!!
Hair: Truth Hair - Tyr - Reds
Sunglasses: [MODA] Shade Blockas(available @The 100 Block Fair)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Bali Gypsy(available @FaMESHed)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Kinbaku Heart - Large - Silver(available @FaMESHed)
Top: [Cynful] The Shimmy Top - Teal
Pants: [MODA] Addiction Leather Pants & HUD
Shoes: [MODA] Corset Pin Up Pumps & HUD

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