Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Delights...

Hello, darling dollies!! 

I've been so busy lately, with RL and other SL obligations, that I've sorely neglected my blogging. Sadface :( Hopefully I can really start to change that, because I'm starting to miss the fun of it all again. Luckily, I work with a great sponsor who is very understanding, and only whoops my ass occasionally, lol...

Speaking of my wonderful sponsor, Moda Designs is having a sidewalk sale! It kicked off on Friday, with the debut of her new collaboration line called [ModaFly], an avatar enhancement line that she's started up with the creator of Damselfly Hairs!! She dropped a whopping 7 hairs on Friday, along with 8 different clothing sets, all hudded so you can change up your entire look without having to change your actual outfit :p
I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the advertisment photo for one of her tops!!

This one right here, the Layla!! This gorgeous top comes in 12 different colors, and its perfect for a lovely spring day. So fun to wear around, and its definitely something you can wear to welcome the warmer weather :D
Among all the other yummy goodness that were released this weekend were a pair of capri pants...that I absolutely LOVE!!!
These jeans are called the Taille, and they are super adorable! They come in 9 different jean textures, all in one HUD...and they also come in the standard mesh sizes, along with two custom MODA sizes for the girls with extra booty ^_^

Go hit that sidewalk sale up, everyone! There's an easter egg hunt going on, and guest designers have goodies out too!! 


What I'm Wearing!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lagertha - reds
Tattoos(Arms): Letis Tattoo Love&Hate Sleeve : H13004
Tattoo(Stomach): Letis Tattoo :: Moments :: HIP13014
Jewelry: {me.} Amour Necklace/Earrings - FATPACK(silver worn)
Top: [MODA] Layla Ruffled Tube Top&HUD
Jeans: [MODA] Taille Capri Jeans&HUD
Shoes: Redgrave Helena - 12colors

Pose Location: My home ^_^

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